1st August

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1993 Floods as Mississippi breaks its banks The Mississippi and its tributaries break their banks flooding twenty million acres of farmland
1977 Gary Powers dies American spy plane pilot Captain Francis Gary Powers dies.
1976 Niki Lauda fights for his life Racing driver Niki Lauda is in a critical condition in hospital following a crash in the Grand Prix in Germany.
1976 Trinidad and Tobago gains independence Trinidad and Tobago becomes an independent republic.
1944 Warsaw Uprising starts During World War 2, the Warsaw Uprising starts against occupying German troops. The uprising lasts 63 days.
1936 The Olympics open in Berlin The 11th Olympics open in Berlin with an ovation from the crowd for Adolf Hitler.
1798 French defeated in the Battle of the Nile The British fleet commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats the French at the Battle of the Nile.
1774 Joseph Priestly identifies a new gas Joseph Priestly identifies a new gas which is later called oxygen.
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On This Day - 1st August