8th September

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1986 General Augusto Pinochet survives rebel ambush Chilean president Augusto Pinochet survives a fierce ambush which kills five of his bodyguards and injures eleven more.
1974 Gerald Ford becomes president Gerald Ford grants Richard Nixon a full pardon for all the crimes he may have committed while in office, including the Watergate cover up.
1968 Virginia Wade wins the US Open British tennis player Virginia Wade beats Billie Jean King to win the US Open.
1966 Queen Elizabeth II opens the Severn bridge Queen Elizabeth II opens the Severn bridge linking Wales with south west England.
1950 Trapped miners found safe 116 miners are found safe by rescuers after they had been trapped in the Knockshinnoch Caste mine in Scotland by a landslide.
1941 World War 2 - Germany begins siege of Leningrad The German Army begins a siege of Leningrad, the siege lasts two and half years.
1915 Tsar takes personal command of the army Tsar Nicholas II takes personal command of the Russian armies fighting the Germans during World War 1.
1888 Jack the Ripper's second victim Police suspect a serial killer is at large when the disembowelled body of Annie Chapman is discovered in London.
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On This Day - 8th September