Theodore Roosevelt

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United States Theodore Roosevelt is born in New York City
United States Theodore Roosevelt marries Alice Lee.
United States William McKinley is re-elected as president of the US together with vice-president Theodore Roosevelt
United States President William McKinley dies following being shot in Buffalo on 6th September. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt is sworn in as President of the United States
United States President Theodore Roosevelt broke tradition by inviting a black man to dine in the White House. The President's guest was Booker T Washington, the noted reformer and teacher.
United States Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first US President to ride in an automobile.
United States Franklin D Roosevelt marries his distant cousin Elaenor Roosevelt. The bride was given away by her uncle Theodore Roosevelt.
United States Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first US President to receive a Nobel Peace Prize; for his mediation in the settlement of the Russo-Japanese war.
United States Theodore Roosevelt flew for four minutes in a plane built by the Wright brothers at Kinloch aviation field, St Louis, Missouri
United States While campaigning in Milwaukee, Theodore Roosevelt is shot by saloon keeper William Schrank. With the bullet still in him, Roosevelt delivers his scheduled speech.
United States Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States dies
United States The sculpture on the face of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota begins. Twelve years later scultures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are completed.
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